Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wham Glam continues...

Top 10 4th August 1975

1 Sweet Fox On The Run

2 Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby

3 Ray Burgess Fever

4 Suzi Quatro Paralysed

5 David Bowie Sorrow

6 Skyhooks Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)

7 Pilot January

8 Jon English Turn The Page

9 Hush Bony Maronie

10 AC/DC Baby Please Don’t Go

The beginnings of a seemingly life long addiction with The Sweet. They would soon became my favourite band and along with my younger cousin Pete we would pour over magazine articles, tv appearances, record covers trying to find out everything we could about this band. AC/DC another sign of Greg and Kym’s ongoing influence. Suzi Q song was from Your Mama Won’t Like Me - an album I’ve always considered a ‘sleeper’. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had my own copy then but someone must have let me hear it. I did have a lot of taped copies of albums via older family friends. Now I think back I’m sure I had a taped copy of it. Hush was cracking it big time on Countdown and their flamboyancy and the fact they had two, count them, two Asian guitarists when Australia was still so racist and xenophobic made them stand out from the crowd. A very brave band that were never really given their dues. And they could actually write a decent song or two even though their biggest hit was a cover.


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