Tuesday, November 27, 2007

top ten time

Top 10 stuff that makes it worthwhile

Beezlebubby telling me she loves me as I tuck her into bed despite me being a grumpy prick all day who snaps at every wrong word and nags her like an old woman. Of course she might just be hedging her bets for xmas but I’ll take it as truth not manipulation. She loves her dad despite his lousy parenting skills.

Interviewing boxer Danny Green and finding out he really is just an aussie bloke – loves his family, likes his beer and loves a blue. Hell, I can’t argue with those principals. Lets hope he can bring home the world title. He can do it but only if he’s one hundred percent committed for twelve rounds. I know I’ll be glued to the bigscreen tv watching with a beer in hand and shouting advice.

Hitting the brews with Karl the perfect gentleman at a gig at Urtext. The music that night left something to be desired but the night was good anyway and I woke up with a dvd and two cdr’s in my pocket so hell I can’t complain. But the gentleman and I both had shocking hangovers.

Snakebeings. A weird arse pom now living in NZ who produces twisted little fillums that crack my cranium. Check his website – www.snakebeings.co.nz well, worth a look… there’s still so much bubbling under that we never see. Its all pot luck and being in the right place at the right time. Snakebeings appeared at the Urtext gig showing his films and gave me a dvd and cdr cos I just didn’t have enough money left. Hell, I’d borrowed money from the goodwife to get to the gig but he didn’t seem to mind. Great stuff, check it out. I know I’ll be buying more from him once the coffers build up again.

Boxing Manager computer game. Downloaded this baby after seeing the ad in Boxing Weekly. Highly addictive game for us boxing tragics. Its not a playstation type game where you control a boxer, instead you manage a stable, choose yr boxers, choose their training regime and pick their fights for them. You can even choose boxing styles during the bouts. Highly bloody addictive and I’ve got numerous undisputed world champions in my stable now! Christ, I’m a geek sometimes but damn it’s fun…

Finally finishing the manuscript for Fists Of Love and entering it into the Wakefield Press unpublished manuscript awards. Don’t know how it will go but hell, at least its out there. And if I do so say myself it aint a half bad story.

Kid Rock – sure he’s a dumb shit hiphop white trash wannabe but c’mon he’s a short arse southern boy who’s banged Pammy Anderson and Paris Hilton, he’s recorded with Hank Jr, and Gretchen Wilson, he has hit singles, he tours, he gets drunk – fuck, isn’t he living the dream of every redneck boy? He aint denying his whitetrash roots and now he’s getting’ some whitetrash roots – hell, I’m on his side!

Sakio Bika winning The Contender’s third series in a brutal brawl that will go down as one of the fights of the year. I interviewed Sakio at the start of the series and all he wanted to do was succeed and be able to give his family a stable life and a house they could call their own. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. Danny Green couldn’t have put it better when I mentioned the win to him. “Wasn’t that fucking fantastic?” and it was.

Hooking up with DVD Holocaust to review dvds. All these years of watching trashy horror and puttin’ out old skool zines are starting to pay off. If I can get this lifestyle worked out I can just do the stuff I like and survive. Reviewing pubs, talking to boxers, reviewing movies… damn near got it all now.

Winning first place and fifty bucks at the 2007 Friendly Street Poetry Slam. Of course there were fuck all participants but the cream was there and I rose to the top this time (like curdled milk) and the readings themselves were good (if I do say so myself) so hell, I’ll take the victory. The same night I then went and reviewed two pubs for Ralph so all in all it was a profitable evening. And I found a bar with over 130 rums in stock – Bar Cuba. Damn, I’ll be going back there.



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