Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top Ten things that have made the week worthwile

  1. Antony Eli Dolan Hier’s continuing recovery. Born 7th September 2007 with a complication or two, like a collapsed lung and a serious infection – the little battler is now well on his way to being just your usual screaming, shitting, feed me machine – damn good news.
  2. She Said What? Market day at Urtext. The publisher and I set up a stall at the market next to Karl (A Perfect Gentleman – and never was a man better named) and just relaxed. Sold a few things, met a few people, chilled, ate free sandwiches and watched the next batch of kids keep the fire burning. As an old fart I can get very cynical at times (Just in case you missed it) but the Urtext crew are still full of fire and passion and have yet to be beaten down. For a change I’m not gonna take that away from them, in fact I feed off of it a bit and keep myself going.
  3. And Karl, well he is just the perfect gentleman, I have yet to hear him say anything bad about anyone nor anyone say bad things about him… hmmm, is a serial killer perhaps, I don’t know but its always a pleasure to see that grin approach. And to paraphrase Publisher, Karl is one of those guys who supports everyone. Whether it’s the literary stuff we’re trying or music or a zine… he’s there doing his bit, buying, trading, acknowledging it all. Sadly a lot of folk just seem to be in it for their patch o’ dirt and they pay scant attention to anyone else’s dirt but the Gentleman, he likes to dabble in all the dirt.
  4. Picking up copies of the old Search And Destroy zine at She Said What? Just to reminisce a bit, and then getting the new Analogue Apocolypse zine and seeing their improvement. A.A. has the look of the old cutnpaste punk zines and hell, they even name dropped me so I gotta say it’s a good zine – but you know what? It actually is.
  5. Catching Dead Popes Of The Vatican at the Jetty Road pub Saturday night. Just simple 1234 rock and roll from a bunch of miscreants who are just out to have a good time. They covered Psycho and Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock and Roll so that oughta give you an idea of where their heads are at. (and they did a good job on both) they aint gonna change the world and they know it. No illusions of grandeur just good pub rock. And then sitting around talking real estate with the boys – jeez, we’re getting old!
  6. Picking up the September issue of Excitement Machine and finding three of my pomes in there! I didn’t know they had accepted them, let alone published them. Nice surprise. Excitement Machine is a free mag put out from Urtext – don’t know how they manage to keep the quality up but they do, lots of great art, interviews, a sense of fun… support the little buggers so they can one day say, “hey we published kami before he was famous!”
  7. Getting a care package from Dann (Betty Paginated) Lennard. Wrestling dvds, the first episode of The Contender 3 and fresh pics of Jones Jessica Lennard. It seems that the good wife and I were ahead of our time (well, she was I cant take any of the credit) now there’s kids popping out everywhere, real estate sales, everyone settling down. She’s just a trendsetter! (and I just mope along for the ride)
  8. Beezlebubby’s continuing (unrequited) love for wrestler CM Punk. Dunno what she sees in a tattooed, straight edge, long haired git like CM but she adores him. Well at least it seems to be taking the heat off her other unrequited love Ryan who is a year older than her and himself infatuated with a fellow grade sixer. Beezlebubby’s in grade 5 and thus doesn’t cut it. Still, give her credit, she’s stuck to her guns all year despite knowing she has no chance. And Ryan, well he’s a pretty boy but he’s thicker than OJ Simpson’s case file.
  9. Doing a pub review (it’s my job) and discovering a local pub that has a mofo big screen, puts on the boxing and is a twenty minute walk from home! And I’ll get paid for the discovery.
  10. The Kangaroos making it to fourth. Sure they went out with a whimper but hell no one tipped them to even get to the finals and there’s a lot of other teams who didn’t even get that far so up yours, we’ll take it as a good year. And the Mighty Mossies won the b-grade and senior colts premierships so it wasn’t a bad year at all Go you zooeys!



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