Thursday, August 17, 2006

Overloaded at Overload

Well, the Paroxysm crew (including yours truly) hit Melbourne once again for our yearly sabbatical to the Overload Poetry Festival and once again we kicked some arse. I just don’t remember too much of it. Saturday night we read with the travelling troupe The Belfast Poets- who were fucking good on stage and off. Sunday we launched the latest Paroxysm anthology “SHOTGUN” (to be launched here in lil ol’ Adelaide in October) at the Arthouse and by all accounts it went down well. I did a stirling job (as much as I can remember anyway) and then proceeded to finish getting plastered (I was drunk before I got there) before being bundled in a taxi and sent back to my digs. Woke up next day with a very sore arm (apparently I took a fall) and absolutely no money left in my pockets. Another successful night out. I had some real work to do as well though so I didn’t see fuck all else but hell, I don’t like poetry anyway… I will however say congrats to Kelly Lee who kicked arse at the poetry slam on Sat nite – if she was a bloke she’d have balls bigger than mine- in fact I’m not sure that she doesn’t anyway! Now I’m back home trying to finish another manuscript to send out into the great unknown. If I can get it tidied up I’ll have three books floating around the ether at once. Almost justifies me calling myself a writer.


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