Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Against I

Been a long time between blogs… I’ve recently realized how much music doesn’t mean anymore to me. I mean, I still listen to it non stop almost, I still dig out music to play… but none of it is new, it’s all the old stuff I have at the back of the collection or old records I’m rebuying… there’s nothing new. It really dawned on me this week when I found out that The Bellrays (a band I rate extremely highly) have a new album out and are touring the Eastern States. For a nanosecond I thought about going over to Melbourne to see them but then I realized that I haven’t actually played any of their music in at least six months… so why the sudden “oh my god” moment? I haven’t bought the new album yet (I will some day) and I’m not madly trying to juggle dates so I can fly over to see them; does this mean I’ve growed up? I hope not. Of course it could just be the money talking. I can’t really afford to be grabbing new albums all the time, I don’t have the bucks. When I do spend it I’m trying to get the stuff I used to have but have lost or traded or scratched to shit - stuff like Bad Brains, Lemming Project, Corrosion Of Conformity, old jazz stuff… there ain’t nothin’ new that I’ve heard to make me go whoa… what is that?! It’s probably out there somewhere but then again… how many more bloody cds do I need by obscure noisemakers, jazz musicians, dead blues legends???And speaking of noise… Wolf Eyes played the fair burg of Adelaide this weekend. I thought about going but realized that even without the cash shortage I’m currently dealing with, I just don’t rate Wolf Eyes that highly. I’ve heard bits and pieces and sure its noisy, its chaos, its fun but hell its all been done before and better. The album they put out on subpop sucked pretty much… noise for noise sake… quaint but no cigar. So fuck ‘em, I ain’t goin’ instead I’m gonna relax, kick back, suck on the bourbon bottle and watch Friday night fights on espn. A much better way to spend an evening.


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