Saturday, September 03, 2005

Funhouse goes on tour

Well, it’s been a busy ol’ time in the funhouse lately. August has seen two trips to Melbourne, a flying visit to Tasmania and the release of funhouse #3. Yes, after three years of procrastination, funhouse #3 has hit the shelf – your very own hardcopy featuring Ted Bundys Volkswagon, Ian Nagoski, reviews, fiction, pomes and an investigation into Bill Shields – is he all he’s meant to be? All this and free shit too! Available at Big Star Adelaide, Missing Link and Polyester Books in Melbourne or direct from me. ($5 plus postage… so we’ll say $7 Oz or a trade, that sounds fair don’t it?)

As for Melbourne, well as part of The Paroxysm Press travelling circus I travelled o’er to Melb to read at the Overload Poetry Festival. In fact, we were the opening act! Very bizarre night at the Fitzroy town hall with the Mayor opening things and then Paroxysm proceeding to read our usual fare… sex, drinking, fucking up… surprisingly it went down well (must have been the free wine). I also appeared in a debate about ego and poetry, not surprisingly on the side of ego, and we won. Or so I’m told because I remember very little of it! Then to finish the week off we did a gig at Dreams in Carlton with a motley crue of goths, nutters and o’er assorted weird folk, which had that horrible air of doom about it but which turned out to be one of the best gigs I’ve done for awhile. As well as providing us with a memory involving a champagne bottle that will be talked about for years to come. Two weeks later we were back in Melbourne to launch the latest Paroxysm Press anthology "Waste" at the Melbourne Writers Festival. A very salubrious affair, well attended and a damn fine time had by all. Of course being in Melbourne I spent far too much money on music (Sun City Girls, Caroliners, Irr. App. (Ext), Penelope Houston) so expect some reviews to pop up soon. All in all a busy month but productive, now I’ve got to work my butt off to repay my credit card, the curse of the itinerant poet.
Now does anyone know of a writer’s fest in New Zealand?


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