Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Running With The Boss Sound

An update from the funhouse. Yeah, I’m still here, just busy doin’ somethin’ next to nothin’ but different than the day before… Hey , there’s a song in there somewhere.
Actually I have been doin’ somethin’ – after the launch of the Waste anthology (which I am in by the way, did I tell you? One of my better stories too – check it out at http://www.paroxysmpress.com/) where was I? Oh yeah, well after that story I’ve been working on the next novel – Fists Of Love – which is completed and is just waiting for me to find time to get it presentable for submission (somewhere). And then on the last long weekend I entered a 3 day novel race – yes, that is correct, you had to write a novel in three days! You could do an outline and research before then but no actual novel writing. And guess what? I nailed the sucker. Granted, it was a shortish novel, some 22000 words or so but it just poured out in a couple of days and, all modesty aside, it ain’t too bad. A post WWIII novel about a world where the biggest industry is "peace-keeping" and you are sent to the slums if you don’t conform, it’s my rock’n’roll pulp fiction gang war novel with an unashamed rock bias and characters like Dr Feelgood, Jason B Sad, Candy-O and Marky De Sade. I spent the entire weekend listening to Turbo Negro, Motley Crue, Exodus, Divine Horsemen and The Yearlings and it couldn’t have worked out better. Coffee and rock and roll – who the hell needs speed? Unfortunately the winner isn’t announced until October but I’m happy with it regardless. If it doesn’t get anywhere in the comp, I’ll just clean it up and submit it somewhere else.
On the music front I’m happy to officially welcome back onto the Esoteric Circle Matt Krieg who started the damn show some ten or so years ago before taking a well earned rest a couple of years back. Matt’s recharged his batteries, cranked up the enthusiasm and is now sharing the radio with me on a fortnightly basis. For those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about – Esoteric Circle is a radio show we present on 3D radio (93.7fm) here in Adelaide on a Monday night. It’s on 9-11pm and we play the best in new music, improv and jazz. Matt’s more the improv guy, I play the weird shit (in a nutshell). If you’ve got something you think we’d like to hear, snail mail me at PO Box 278 Edwardstown South Australia 5039. We have wide and varied tastes believe me. Right now I’m cranking up the latest Scorch Trio Album Luggumt (Rune Grammafon) – a great blast of jazz fusion rock with a guitarist, Raoul Bjorkenheim, who really knows how to pull everything out of those strings. Tomorrow it’ll probably be Bon Jovi (I blame the full moon) or the Turbo Negro Tribute and then when I go to bed it’ll be Bernhard Gunter. So you see, we enjoy our music in the funhouse, it doesn’t have to be hip or this month’s flavour it just has to be good. (Ok, ok Bon Jovi isn’t good but I can’t find my Warrant CD)
Now if I can just get Matt to write those reviews he promised me, we can both stop feeling guilty.
And to finish, a shameful plug (or two) – on Thursday 30th June I’m reading at the Lizard Lounge in Hindley Street Adelaide for those of you who wish to brave the elements. Starts at 7pm, goes till 9pm and then apparently there’s live jazz afterwards. Sounds like a night out. Also, for the sports-minded amongst you I have another blog – http://www.rrrrrumble.blogspot.com/ - it’s a boxing blog (my other passion)
So you see I haven’t been entirely slack, I just haven’t been loyal is all. I guess I’m just not made out to be a one blog man.


Blogger Dann said...

You've inspired me, Cam. I've now added a wrestling-only blog to my regular blog.

6:53 AM  
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