Monday, March 14, 2005

Low Rent Boys, Ace Frehley and Gimps on Acid

Erini – Being Alive and Happy CDR
A one song cdr that makes searching through the dross almost worthwhile. Erini has come up with a simple ditty about what’s good about life. Backed by a simple drum pattern and synth she talks us through her day with a naivety and innocence that
makes the whole dang thing work beautifully. Simplistic, joyful, sweet – words I would rarely use to describe music I listen to but this song strikes a chord. Hell, if we can have brut art why not brut music? I now wait with baited breath for the ‘double album’ – Yep, two songs next time!

Armpit – Butta Daze CDR (Celebrate Psi Phenomena)
Nine scorching tracks that sound like some rock band hanging around the beach trying to impress the chicks with their hot guitar licks and wild ways only the ‘mandies’ have kicked in and they’re playing much slower than they imagine. Don’t hear too many girls screaming for more but the seagulls seem impressed. Got my copy thru Dual Plover ( you should do the same before you next hit the sand.

Rebirth of Fool Vol 2 – Various Artistes (Dual Plover)
And speaking of Dual Plover – this compilation is a feast of madness, stupidity and the sort of gimps I’ve rallied against who should never be allowed near cd burners. Thing is though, the damn thing is just so entertaining that I can forgive their gimpness, even their choice of covers. Prank calls, bad covers, cut and slap, throw this on at your next family BBQ and wait for the straitjackets to come out.

RHIZOME ZONE – Three recent releases by Rhizome and not a naff note ‘tween them – e-mail you won’t regret it
Armpit – Mano o Mano CDR (Rhizome)
In the back of this brothel they have a ‘chillout’ area, complete with musical instruments, coffee machine and TV, for the low rent boys to hang out and jam between paying ‘gigs’. Guitars get plucked, stroked and caressed while the boys watch bad South American soapies via satellite, drink strong coffee and wash their smalls. It’s a slow, drawling jam session of guitar and failed hopes as they wait to see how the stories unfold.
Jon Dale – Son D’or CDR (Rhizome)
One track only but time becomes irrelevant as the slow drone of an organ rises and falls, joined by the spattering misfire of guitar hum and I find myself thinking of both Charlemagne Palestine and Ace Frehley. Because I find myself humming Frehley’s ‘fractured mirror’ everytime I listen to this disc. Is it subliminal? A cunning plot by Mr. Dale, plying us with face paint and retro rock without us even knowing it? I know not, but I’ll keep listening, hoping for clues.
Sakada – Askatuta CDR (Rhizome)
Who said electronica is cold? Prevost, Erkizia and Mattin have bludgeoned that theory to death and this is the sound of electronica’s still warm corpse being dragged across the tundra on a dog sled, glacial drippings echoing thru yr head as the chains they whip the dogs with create howls of feedback and pain. Okay so I’m getting a bit pretentious here but since I’m not a big fan of ‘traditional’ electronica, finding it very simplistic, dull and yes, cold I was surprised at the noise and scope that these three have created. With the headphones turned up, waiting for the scrapings and noodling to erupt into chain whippings and howls of pain I was on the ice and I don’t even take drugs – imagine what it could do for you.


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