Friday, December 17, 2004

Flatulence - the only truly disposable artform - a gig review

Gig review – Jade Monkey Adelaide 16th December 2004
This was one of those nights that don’t translate into words – you try and tell your friends how good it was, how much fun they missed – and they look at you with that look your parents used to give you when you brought your report card home – but here goes anyway!
In the best reviewer tradition I missed the opening act Sound Of Mercy Killing but having seen them before I know they would have assaulted the audience with a short, sharp brutal attack of twin guitar noise and bad rock drumming (if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will let me know) – always good but unfortunately usually first on the bill – they deserve better. I did however arrive just in time for Home For The Def. Nigel "don’t call me a hippy" Koop had a table full of fx pedals, a microphone and flatulence – that was all he needed to produce a bucketful of noise, looping and farting about until he got a rhythm that was just right – jungle beats and hip hop grooves – all he needed was a rapper (or maybe not). Highly entertaining.
Nun were next, two serious young insects taking the traditional folk art of playing the spoons to new levels – shimmering noise that demanded your attention – amazing what you can do with the cutlery drawer.
Who says the white man can’t play the blues? They’ve obviously never seen Justice Yeldham - a blues man who couldn’t find his harmonica – he adlibbed with a plate of glass and a belt of fx pedals and blew that pane like he’d lived the blues all his life. I’ve seen some girls "glassed" in my time but he took it to new heights. Can’t wait to see what he can do with a door.


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