Sunday, January 02, 2005

As The World Turns

Feels strange right now caring about music with the world falling apart around us. Felt even stranger walking to my job in a cd shop the day after the news of the Tsunami disaster had hit us and watching all the post xmas sales going on. Apparently we set a new high for spending that day. I couldn't and still can't get my head around people lining up at midnight to buy half price shoes while some 100,000 people are missing not even half a world away. And then to work in a shop watching people buying music, and not even decent music, as if the world just still rolls on. Maybe it does, maybe that's our strength, our survival skill - heads in the sand. But then what am i doing about it? Writing blogs for 'both' my friends to read, donating a few bucks to the red cross - am i really any better than those midnight shoppers? Sure, i feel bad about the disaster, i'm shocked at the scale of death, of destruction but i'm also incredibly cynical about the press, about the feeding frenzy of stories (and the lack of compassion for anyone initially who wasn't white, anglo, local)- i guess i'm a half empty glass kinda guy and expect the world to turn to shit anyway. It will be interesting to see how long the media's interest and our own keeps up - once the last tourists are found, be it dead or alive, the last story milked out of some miracle baby survivor - will we care about the rebuilding, about the islanders whose whole lives are now destroyed - or will we go back to the cricket and the reality shows about rich kids, surfing grommets and the next top model. Just this once i'd like my cynicism to be proven wrong.
And now back to our normal programme.



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