Sunday, January 02, 2005


Kindling – more than just firestarters.
Yeah, it’s a lame heading – reading too much Wire again I guess. I wanted to take the time though to review a few releases from Kindling, a wee CDR label operating out of Queensland by one Leighton Craig. At some stage soon I hope to have an interview with Leighton but until we both pull our respective digits out these reviews(?) will have to do as a taster.

Leighton Craig – Organ Notes (Kin03)
The Kindling label was introduced to me by Jon Dale from Rhizome via his re-issue of Leighton Craig’s Organ Notes – Originally a cassette only release on Kindling then reissued by Jon as a 3" disc (Both sadly sold out now). Leighton pulls tiny fragments of organ music together, sewing a dreamscape that lifts you away from the drab of day to day mortality of eat, shit, work, wait. There is a zone somewhere maybe, another dimension, possibly only internal, where this music is the day to day hum of life. Leighton gives us just a taste of it here.

Eugene Carchesio/Leighton Craig – S/titled (Kin04)
Recorded May 2003 in Bellas Gallery Brisbane, four tracks of live organ drone, swaying, bending and slipping into your psyche to hide deep inside your brain for those days when you need them just to get by. This is the soundtrack for the art hiding just behind your eyelids.

Eugene Carchesio/Leighton Craig – Community Of Opposites (Kin05)
19 minutes of sublimity drip fed via 3" disc. Reminds me a lot of Michael Schumacher’s quieter pieces, keyboards filtering slowly thru computers to give you a brew of delicate, sweet tasting nectar. Bernhard Gunter has talked of creating different time scales to measure his music – Eugene and Leighton have achieved that here. You’ll lose yourself in this music, 19 minutes, 19 seconds, 19 hours – it’s all irrelevant. Take the time out to enjoy the subtleties of quiet.

Stuart Busby – Breathe (Kin06)
Easily my favourite release of 2004 bar none. The sound of a ghost world trembling to the sound of a lone trumpeter sounding taps in a landscape created solely by your own subconscious. This is a beautiful muted work that eases the trumpet to the forefront again, where it should be. Stuart has taken the subtle touches of early Miles, the romance of Louis before he "entertained" the masses and made them his own, breathing patient, quiet life into an instrument too long hammered by histrionics and showboating. You owe it to yourself to hear it.
Kindling PO Box 684 New Farm Qld 4005 Australia


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