Friday, December 24, 2004

Esoteric Circle Playlists

Esoteric Circle is a program I present on 3D Radio 93.7FM in Adelaide. Jazz, new music, improvisation and modern composition make up the program and every month I’ll attempt to put up the playlists from the show to give you an idea of what I’m playing and the direction of the show. If you’re a musician or running a label or have anything you think I should be playing drop me a line or send yr disc. Here’s a sample of the last month or so - kami
ESOTERIC CIRCLE 15TH November 2004

Marcus Belgrave Space Odyssey Gemini
George Adams/Dannie Richmond Joojoobie Hand To Hand
Paul Dunmall Moksha Big Band I Wish You Peace Pt 1 I Wish you Peace
Bucket Rider Evenement 1-4 Le Evenements
Eve Packer All Night West Frm 42nd
Christoph Gallio Curtains Dream A Gertrude Stein
Christoph Gallio Improvisation A Gertrude Stein
Charles Lloyd/Billy Higgins What Is Man? Which Way Is East?
Phillips/Haino/Toyozumi Two Strings Will Do It Two Strings Will Do It
Rope Love Without The Illusion Of Permanence Widows First Dawn
Marcus Belgrave Glue Fingers Parts I & II Gemini
Eve Packer Swept Away West Frm 42nd

ESOTERIC CIRCLE 22ND November 2004
Alice Coltrane Sita Ram Translinear Light
Alice Coltrane Leo Translinear Light
Pharoah Sanders Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt Tauhid
Paul Dunmall Moksha Big Band I Wish You Peace Pt 2 I Wish You Peace
Stuart Busby Sorrow Breathe
Stuart Busby Ernestine Breathe
Charlotte Hug No Land Neuland
Sonny Sharrock Blind Willy Black Woman
Sonny Sharrock Peanut Black Woman
Alice Coltrane Blue Nile Translinear Light
Alice Coltrane Translinear Light Translinear Light
Paul Grabowsky Tailfin Tales Of Time & Space

ESOTERIC CIRCLE 13TH December 2004
Joel Ryan Shaker Mix Or Air
David Murray Gwotet Gwotet
Milo Fine Skinny Frogs Ikebana
Neil Leonard Sacred Bath 1-3 Timaeus
Fred Lonberg-Holm Dialog 2 Dialogs
Ginger Baker Skin The Pizzle No Material
Donkey Fog Big Sur
David Murray Ovwa Gwotet
Remote Viewers Astro Black Low Shapes In Dark Heat
Roger Miller Space Is The Place Oh
Marcos Fernandez Bullets For Ballots Hybrid Vigor

ESOTERIC CIRCLE 20TH December 2004
Albert Ayler Trio Ghosts Second Variation Spiritual Unity
Henry Grimes Trio Flowers For Albert Wire Tapper 12
John Sinclair Hellhound On My Trail Steady Rollin’ Man
Machine Gun Arsenal High Tech Open Fire
Machine Gun Mommie Sir Open Fire
99 Hooker/ Diaz-Infante/Zzaj Shape Of The Future IsUtah Future Has Already Been Done
Milo Fine May Radicals Five Ikebana
Fred Lonberg-Holm Dialog 6 Dialogs
Triosk I Am A Beautiful Snowflake Moments Return
Remote Viewers Wild Is The Wind Obliques Before Pale Skin
Veryan Weston Even Angels Die All Angels Concerts 1999-2001
Eugene B Redmond All Athighed In Black Blood Links & Sacred Places
Necks Mosquito (Excerpt) Wire Tapper 12


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