Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

Well, it’s been two months exactly since I became a professional lounger and I must say it seems to be going well. I’m certainly not missing work, although the money does of course come in handy. I’m gradually getting the hang of all the domestic chores I should be doing (but am inevitably not doing properly) and I’m writing up a storm (and that’s the most important thing).
Diane seems to have accepted the new regime quite well, in fact in the last month she’s bought me a new washing basket and two new spiffo, Raco brand professional frypans plus matching kitchen tongs! She knows how to look after her man! :)
The toughest part of the job I’ve found is keeping Beth busy with playmates. In previous years at school she has had to stay back in after school care but now I pick her up everyday. This means she wants someone to play with everyday. It sounds easier than it actually is. There’s a lot of organization, a lot of phone calls, lots of diary checking – kids today are just so damn busy! It’s tough keeping her entertained when we get those days where no one is available. Thank god for the WWE – always guaranteed to keep us both amused.
The other big news item is the new computer. Yes, after a decade of abuse the old computer, much like the USSR, has crumbled. Unfortunately I lost my address book in the coup. I’ve managed to rescue a lot of addresses by painstakingly cutting and pasting from my old in/out box but I’ve lost a lot of them. SO… send me an just so I can put you back in the address book. I don’t need a long message just yer god damn addresses. Thank you and good night. I’ve got some washing to hang out.


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