Thursday, August 17, 2006

i got them bleeding credit card blues

Purchases whilst in the great city of Melburg.
Lisa Crystal Carver – Drugs Are Nice
(Lisa Suckdog’s Biography! Outstanding book about being a fuck up DIY kid in the 80’s with no sense of self worth or purpose and trying to find your own identity. I couldn’t put this book down. For a girl who was initially known for being sloppy and talentless Carver can write. Highly recommended. I got mine at Collected Works)

John Fahey – How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life. (OK haven’t read this ‘un yet but Fahey was a crazed genius and his other book Vampire Vultures was surreal and twisted and highly entertaining. I expect no less this time around.)

Russell Sullivan – Rocky Marciano – The Rock Of His Time. (There’s a great shop called Melbourne Sports Books down the other end of Flinders Street and I always find something there. Extensive section on Boxing and this time I picked up the new edition of Marciano’s biography. Marciano is the only heavyweight champion to finish his career undefeated 49-0 and was my first boxing hero. I still rate him as the best heavyweight ever. Love this shop.)

Skatenigs – Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed (found this cd second hand for $16. have been looking for it for awhile after picking up the Mangled Web cd earlier this year. I love the Skatenigs despite their links to Ministry. You always got the feeling with these guys that if they wanted to, they could kick yr arse where as Ministry used to be a dance band before they discovered smack. Evil little goth kids think Ministry is the bang but they only ever had one song and who can trust goth kids anyway? Skatenigs were the kind of guys who would play your party, drink yr piss, steal yr girls and you would stand in awe.)

Peril – Self Titled (got this cd for $5! Tony Buck…Otomo Yoshihide… thank fuck Melburgians have no taste)

Ronald Shannon Jackson – Red Warrior (Again $5! Bargain mate bargain.)

Unbelievably Bad – Issue #3 (Had to buy this zine once I found out they had an article on Angus McDeth – I thought I was the only one who cared about Angus! Plus they mention the village people’s ‘food figh’t as an undiscovered punk gem. These boys are on the ball. Oh yeah, you get a cd too – haven’t played it yet but one day after a couple of brews I will.)

Sun City Girls – Folk Songs of The Rich & Evil / Exotica on $5 a Day (latest vinyl reissue of early SCG on Eclipse. I’m addicted to this stuff. They lived in a world of their own, possibly even more quirky than today’s releases. Plus I’m old enough to remember the joys of vinyl. I love that feeling of gatefold sleeves and big black shiny rekkids.)

Rapeman – Two Nuns & A Pack Mule. (Didn’t even realise this was still around. Vinyl copy – post bigblack/ Albini still kicking arse. Can’t go past their version of ZZTop’s ‘Just Got Paid’. Now just gotta find Budd)

Suburbia (Finally on DVD. Penelope Spheeris’ classic flick about the punk kids and shithead youth roaming the streets of the 80s. Great live footage of TSOL, Vandals and DI plus a rip roaring doofus story of rejected streetkids and punk rock wannabes. I love this flick – a funhouse staple.)

So, my credit card lies gently bleeding in a corner and I’m cultured up for awhile. Now I just gotta do some writing and pay some bills. And then go back and spend some more!


Anonymous michael said...

nice title for the post mate. and i may have to borrow a few of those goodies to check out when i get back to Oz.

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