Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wham glam charts too

Top 10 13th July 1975

1 David Bowie Sorrow

2 Ray Burgess Touch Me

3 Jon English Turn The Page

4 Skyhooks Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

5 Suzi Quatro Savage Silk

6 Skyhooks Horror Movie

7 Status Quo Down Down

8 Pilot January

9 Beatles A Hard Days Night

10 BTO You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

David still holding on to number one and the obvious influence of the Ripper compilation with Burgess, BTO, Status Quo and English storming the charts. My older and cooler cousins Greg and Kym were influencing me too hence more Skyhooks making the charts. Ego was one of the earliest albums I bought but not till the next year. Suzi Quatro was my first serious fanboy crush (but not the last) Beatles I blame on Carol Lawrence, she always had their tapes in her car. But she was also the person who introduced me to Black Sabbath Volume 4 so I wont hold The Beatles against her.



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