Tuesday, January 15, 2008

first top ten for the new year

Top 10 things that kept me sane

Them sturt desert peas the neighbour planted are coming on strong, despite the water restrictions we’re going through right now. And its good to see them too especially today my father’s birthday when he would have been a grand old age of 72 if not for the big C. (and my own hand in his death even if it was his request) I’m always in a foul mood coming up to this day, usually subliminally and I don’t even realise it until I look at the calendar and go “oh yeah, that’s why I’m so shitty.” But passing that yard and seeing the brilliant red of the desert peas has calmed me some this year. It’ll be a long time before I can let go of this but ten years on and I’m slowly maybe making progress.

Beezlebubby has been doing swimming lessons these holidays and her progress is something to behold. 6 laps of the pool without a problem, complete strangers complimenting her breast stroke, she’s got a talent there. Which is good cos her old man can’t swim a lick! I think this is the last year for her, lessons wise, she’s good enough to be able to swim without us worrying and she just wants to have fun now in the pool not be doing no damn lessons. But I’ve enjoyed sitting back in the shade listening to Prolo while she’s been practicing her diving and freestyle so it’s been a good summer all round.

You know sometimes you write something that you consider a knock off, a bit of practice while you get some words strung together and lo and behold, everybody likes the damn thing. Well, I wrote a pome called “Suburban Death and a kilo of sausages” and bugger me if it isn’t going to be Albatross Magazine’s poem of the month! You’ve got to be happy with that. If I can work it out there’ll be a link just here… but most probably being the technophobe I am, there won’t.


The local scout group has a regular garage sale where there’s lots of books, broken furniture, stereos that don’t work anymore, cups and saucers, old toys and exercise machines but also occasionally records. Last weekend I picked up 6 lps for a buck twenty total! Skyhooks Greatest Hits, Roger Daltry and a handful of compilations from the seventies including one I’ve never seen before – Dance, Sing or Anything featuring The Faces, Isley Bros, BTO, Johnny Wakelin, Golden Earring… I love them sales.

MamaCita – a damn fine poetess who I stumbled upon recently… great and strong work, heavy on the visuals and visceral. She has the words and knows how to use them and christ is she busy! Words, collages, toys and parenthood. Check the site, you will not be disappointed.


Repo Man soundtrack on vinyl for a blue note. Yep, Big Star delivers again with this great album which I only ever had on a dubbed cassette. Used to play this when I rode my pushbike to work up in Darwin. The Fear track used to get me cycling so fast that my legs would ache. Always got me to work on time despite the hangovers and the heat.

HB had a big book sale at the start of January and I worked with him for the day. It was over 40 degrees and during holidays but he still got a good turn out for his first sale, made a profit and it looks like he’ll do it all again. I picked up Meltzer’s Aesthetics Of Rock (original pressing for you nerds) plus a coupla other titles and it was good to see one of HB’s ideas come to fruition and work. He’s had a hard time of it, a lot of his own doing but also a lot just plain bad luck. He’s a pessimist by nature but maybe this will turn old grumpy around. Oh yeah, and I got paid which helped me out too.

Receiving a copy fo Suzi Quatro’s biography in the mail from my good mates at Unbelievably Bad. New Ish on the way soon (plug plug). Now just gotta find the time to read the book.

Starting a new blog about redneck lounging called, strangely enough The Redneck Lounge. http://rednecklounging.blogspot.com/ it’s just somewhere else to spread the word about the life of a lounger.

Watching the Bettie Page Collection. Damn but she was a fine looking filly wasn’t she? Don’t know about a five disc set though… the thrill of burlesque and shiny undies wears off after awhile but heck, it’s a nice way to spend these hot evenings… drinking beer and watching Bettie.



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Thank you! I sold a Bettie Page collage on eBay for two bucks a couple of years ago...

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