Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Grass ain't always greener

You wake up

and look at her asleep

notice the lines under her eyes

the extra weight around the face

and you wonder if maybe

the grass is greener

somewhere else

but can you really imagine

that girl at the checkout

ever talking to you

in a bar

And anyway does she see the grey

in your hair

notice the slouch of yr shoulders

as you get up

trying not to breathe on her

because you know yr breath

smells of beer and cigarettes

and those mints you suck on

to try and hide the smell

of yr late night tipple

of green ginger wine

before bed

maybe she’s been wondering too

just how green that grass is

So you suck yr gut in

and offer her breakfast in bed

thinking as you walk to the kitchen

that maybe

you should spend some more time

at home

and cut down on the mints



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