Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Well its the final leg of the TEN YEARS OF THINGS THAT DIDN'T KILL US tour and it's back home in Adelaide. Friday 10th October at Live on Light Square 63 Light Square Adelaide. Kicks off at 8pm Live readings from the paroxysm crew and a slew of newbies! plus live music from Palky and Spindickle. $5 entry. (18+) it's gonna be a blast. we had a great (if small) launch in Sydney thanks to Jamie and Aspa at Mu Meson and we kicked it hard in Newcastle now it's time to kill the beast in Adelaide. We've survived ten years now thru a lot of shit, pain, angst and beating our heads against walls - no grants, no favours just damn hard work and self belief. come and see why we're still here (here's a hint - cos we're fucking good!!)


Blogger mistivelvet said...

afuckinmen to that. i wouldn't know a grant if it bit me on the ass! ya'll keep kickin' ass. i am proud as hell to be included in such excellent company.

7:32 PM  

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